Never forget
a good restaurant again

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Search for any food place

See a nice restaurant in a blog post? Search it in Foodbie and save it to your lists. We use the Foursquare API to search for your restaurants.

List nice places to try

Add restaurants to your whishlist easily. Once you tried it, you can rate it! All the restaurant informations are available. Phone number, address, website...

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Create dozens of lists

Creates lists of your favorite burger places, restaurants to invite your girlfriend, your favorite sushi restaurants...

Share it with your friends

Foodbie is better with friends! You can share your lists with friends so they can also add their favorite places. You'll also be able to see how much the liked it.

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Follow interesting people

Follow people who love the same restaurants as you and see the new places they like or want to test.

And never forget about a good restaurant again...